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Save the time, money and mess of traditional paint rollers. No prep time, NO drop sheets, NO tape masking. Just Pour and Paint to revitalize any wall or surface in just a few minutes.

Use the included Super Fine Flocked Edger, and Corner Cutter to quickly paint those tricky corners, or around switches outlets and door frames. Attach any broom stick or mop handle to extend the roller and paint a ceiling in a fraction of the usual time.

Just forget the risk of Working at Heights. No need to climb up and down ladders(includes 3 extensible threaded poles)

Works on Any Surface!!Skip the mess and have fun painting walls, decks, ceilings, and furniture with the whole family. Use indoor and outdoor; Or just cover up scuff marks and stains in seconds. The Paint Roller Set can transform your entire home and raise it’s value faster than you ever thought possible.

Includes: The Paint Runner Roller, the Resting Tray, Fine Flocked Edger, Corner Cutter, 3 extensible threaded poles and the Easy Flow Paint Pourer & Manual (paint not included)

Package include:1 × User Manual

1 × Paint Runner Pro

1 × Flocked Edger

1 × Corner Cutter Painter

1 × Resting Tray

1 × Easy Flow Paint Pour Jug

3 × Extensible Threaded Poles.(length of each pole: 9.5″, total length: 29″)

Warning: Do not exposure the brush under the sun too long , otherwise the plastic brush will become brittle easily.

Save time and money!

No prep time.

No expensive tarps or painter’s tape to purchase.

No mess to clean up.

The perfect painting system for any home painting job.

Not only will it save you time while you paint, but it will also save you money from not wasting any paint. Plus the Paint Runner Pro will never drip or splatter excess paint, so you’ll never have to worry about making a mess on your carpet or floors with too much paint on your roller.

How it works is, you just remove the lid from the side of the roller, pour in your favorite paint, pop the lid back on, and start rolling the paint onto your wall. It’s almost like having an entire can of paint right in your roller. The paint inside the roller will just slowly feed through to the outside of the roller as it’s needed.

You can control the amount of paint the comes out of the roller depending on how hard you press onto the wall. For just a thin coat, just lightly press onto the wall, for a heavier coat press a little harder. With this innovative paint roller that stores paint you can paint an entire wall in just 5 minutes, or an entire room in just 20 minutes.

The Paint Runner Pro attaches to any broom handle or paint stick to extend its reach. You can then paint very high walls or your ceilings without having to worry about any paint dripping back down onto you or the floors.

The paint holding paint roller uses an innovative micro-fiber roller along with a patented paint distribution system that spreads the paint evenly throughout the roller. But it will never apply too much paint to the roller to prevent drips and splatters.

The Paint Runner Pro perfectly applies paint to pretty much any type of material, is great for painting entire rooms or just a touch up from scuffs, is easily cleaned by just rinsing under water in your sink, plus it’s small design takes up just half the space of a standard paint roller.

The Paint Runner Pro actually comes in a set with a few other very innovative painting tools, including the Fine Flocked Edger for getting the edges of your door and window trims, a corner cutter for getting the inside corners of your walls, an easy flow paint pourer that lets you easily pour the paint into the paint roller, along with a resting tray so you can set the roller down without it getting anything dirty.

Check out the Paint Runner Pro paint storing paint roller in action via the video below.


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